by Ania Przytocka

grzegorz sosiński „żenia” I’m dying but I’m trying to work in Gdańsk,UE

working space:

intermedia photography, hybrid photography, photoobject, sometimes vernacular archivist.

my approach:

the idea of the image is a medium that joins with the physical picture and becomes a new surface.


a person who tries to make photographs with information not contained in the camera program [Vilem Flusser]



master’s degree in intermedia, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland (2020-2022) https://ul.gda.pl/entropia-recepcja-pojawu/

bachelor’s degree in photography, University of Arts, Poznań, Poland (2017-2020) http://fotografia.uap.edu.pl/dyplomy/grzegorz-sosinski/


self publishing:

photobook „Semideviation” 2019 https://vimeo.com/627632546

sharing during „BOOKS.Studying photobooks” III edition of the international review of photobooks by students and graduates of art schools. http://fotografia.uap.edu.pl/booki/edition2021/