The main aim of the project is the illustration of the Chechen-Ingush deportation in Ferbuary 1944 by Stalin (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kirgizstan). Almost 99% of the population from the Caucasus Mountain have been deported to the steppes and deserts of Central Asia. Most of the people died during transport and did not survive the first winter. This is one of many Stalinist crimes – genocide

I try to find people from the first generation, who survived deportation. Despite the passage of time, these people are still reluctant to mention that time. They are very surprised that someone from Europe after so many years wants to prepare visual story telling. There is an important question, why they not returned to the country after an amnesty in 1957. Or whether they were ever in homeland?

Now it is just a collection of photographs – project on-going. The coloured photograpies show the places where they live now. The b&w portait is for the „hero” who survived the deportation and found oneself in a new country. Next I added some archival and contemporary photographies of their next generations.