Today, Svaneti is one of the Georgian regions. It was a calm and peaceful land, the resettlement place, the symbol of freedom-loving people and bandit job. Every Svan is hearty and not insult another man. A certain regularity exists. Among the inhabitants of the mountains, the alpinists do not meet almost or even completely. Exceptions are Sherpas in Nepal, Svans in the Caucasus and people from the Alps. The transitions of the Svan alpinist in the Caucasus and the Pamir Mountains have made their mark on the history of the world alpinism. Still conversation about mountains, Alpinism, or the memory of the outstanding Georgian alpinist of Michaił Chergiani (Misha), is tuning in to the long conversation with toasts and memories. M. Chergiani for Georgians is such a person like for us Jurek Kukuczka. What today it maintained in the changing infrastructure, the environment and people? Soviets failed to change Svaneti into a gigantic alpine ski resort. Now trying to do it pro- European Georgia. I’m looking for Saventi, which remembers times before wanted to become a European tourist and ski resort.